Founded by B, YourLittleWildChild is one of the most creative, down to earth influencers on the West Coast. B is currently soaring throughout the world, sharing her wild adventures and creative outlook on life to give her audience a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia.

B is highly regarded in the world of photography, fashion, digital and social media as she collaborates with brands as a fashion photographer, model, stylist, brand ambassador and product influencer. Wearing multiple hats as a brand ambassador, stylist, creative director, and social media marketing specialist — B only embodies the wild and most free-spirited. B’s clients give her the ability to tell a story, travel the world, and document her adventures.

As a photographer, her audience was left in awe of her work as she was not one to promote self-esteem issues in her work. B strongly believed that an image can be beautiful without major editing and her clients were left feeling beautiful, wild and free — and nothing had to be changed about them.

B is well known for her unique aesthetic filled with skincare, her taste in lingerie, and different styles of fashion. She is known to execute in style and make a lasting statement.


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  • “Black beauty,”

    Lounge Underwear

  • “Talk about wild thoughts,”

    Bikini Slayers

  • “We asked B how Nubian Skin lingerie made her feel. Her response: Wearing lingerie, made her feel empowered. Powerful in her own skin. B stated that there was nothing wrong with feeling sexy & when she wore our pieces, she felt invincible.”

    Nubian Skin