Founded by B, YourLittleWildChild is one of the most creative, down to earth influencers on the West Coast and now soaring throughout the world sharing her wild adventures and creative outlook on life to give her audience a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia.

B is highly regarded in the world of photography, fashion, digital and social media as she collaborates with brands as a fashion photographer, model, stylist, brand ambassador and product influencer. Wearing multiple hats as a brand ambassador, stylist, creative director, and social media marketing specialist — B only embodies the wild and most free-spirited. B’s clients give her the ability to tell a story, travel the world, and document her adventures.

As a photographer, her audience was left in awe of her work as she was not one to promote self-esteem issues in her work. B strongly believed that an image can be beautiful without major editing and her clients were left feeling beautiful, wild and free — and nothing had to be changed about them.

B is well known for her unique aesthetic filled with skincare, her taste in lingerie, and different styles of fashion. She is known to execute in style and make a lasting statement.


Contact Information

For feedback and suggestions, kindly send a message to ylwcteam@brianna-lynn.com.

All advertisement/press/media inquiries will be kindly accepted on ylwcteam@brianna-lynn.com.




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