A Fashion Photographer, Creative Brand Influencer and Twitch Affiliate Broadcaster based in Los Angeles, California.

Small waist, big dreams. “I’m not one to promote self esteem issues in my work,” said Brianna Lynn. In her eyes, an image can be beautiful without major editing. Lynn’s method of shooting raw can allow for that beauty to be shown to the world. People that work with her will feel that they are beautiful the way they are and nothing needs to be changed about them. Starting out at the age of five, Lynn was always known as the girl with the camera. Since then, she has been enthralled with the world of photography. Throughout her journey, she has become more involved in the fashion world. She recently started working with a variety of different brands such as Tobi, Lack of Color and Talulah.

Working in front of the camera as a model and now behind as a photographer, Lynn understands both sides of the field to make her work come to life. She feels a photographer can be limited only knowing one side of the business. Models should be able to have a seamless photo shoot, in order to have successful work. Recently, Lynn’s work was published on Black Milk Clothing, Frank Bod, High Heels Suicide, Me Undies and more. She is currently booking photo shoots + creative brand projects across the United States and will eventually travel to other countries.

She is currently available for freelance bookings.




YLWC’s team is a driven family of young talents who are constantly working together everyday to make Your Little Wild Child magic happen. Our team aims to create and experiment new artistic projects with a unique blend of passion, positive energy, creativity and a touch of wild.


Brianna Lynn

Founder & Photographer 


 Emilee Mae Klump

Makeup Artist


 Alexa Kirstie

Assistant Makeup Artist


 Melissa Melanie

Assistant Hair Stylist


Alvin Arquisola

PR Manager


Brandon Meaden

Website Admin







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